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Screenverse Office Network Powered by TouchSource Expands Reach to New Markets

New York, NY, – Screenverse, an emerging startup delivering ad management and monetization to digital screen networks, and TouchSource, the market leader in the field of digital building directories and digital signage, have formed a partnership to bring advertising-supported media to the latter’s footprint of 10,000 digital screens nationwide.

With a focus on connecting office professionals and visitors with large-format, high resolution content, including critical return to work information, Screenverse Office is designed to be a modern canvas for targeted and relevant advertising, public service announcements, and community messaging. This updated, leading-edge digital building signage is placed in prominent shared spaces in commercial real estate; lobbies, elevator bays, and atriums.

Post-pandemic return-to-work momentum is already underway.  Data from Kastle Systems and others show that markets like Dallas, Houston, and Austin, TX are approaching 40% building occupancy.  High-end professionals — lawyers, financial services professionals, corporate executives — are already “back” to a large degree.  And the data show that younger professionals are itching to return to the office to grow their skill sets, social lives, and business networks.

The Screenverse Office Network is positioned to help advertisers reach these young professionals, creative professionals, and high-end professionals who work in law, medicine, media, STEM, and financial services.

Reopening and the Future of Work:

While the last year has seen a global shift from working in offices to working at home, Screenverse and TouchSource are confident that professionals will return to the office for a plethora of reasons in a post-COVID environment. Even if our work lives take on a more hybrid approach to in-office and remote working, there are many amongst us who welcome the chance to return to the high-rises and office buildings that dot our national landscape.

McKinsey recently published an analysis on the future of remote work:

“The potential for remote work depends on the mix of activities undertaken in each occupation and on their physical, spatial, and interpersonal context… employers have found during the pandemic that although some tasks can be done remotely in a crisis, they are much more effectively done in person. These activities include coaching, counseling, and providing advice and feedback; building customer and colleague relationships; bringing new employees into a company; negotiating and making critical decisions; teaching and training; and work that benefits from collaboration, such as innovation, problem-solving, and creativity.”

Find the full report HERE.

In any work environment over the long term, the role of the office will shift from housing workers and companies to fostering collaboration, culture, connection and community.  Screenverse Office, along with our partners, are committed to delivering value to building owners, workers/visitors, and relevant advertisers who want to build vibrant and productive communities.

Screenverse & TouchSource Partnership:

“Our customers want to deliver innovative solutions that deliver a great visitor experience while keeping operating costs lower,” said Ajay Kapoor, CEO of TouchSource. “Our partnership with Screenverse allows us to help our customers accelerate innovation with modern digital signage and directories while lowering costs to maintain the solution. Together, we’re supporting investments in smart digital signage technology, delivering relevant ads, and allowing contract flexibility that fits all parties.”

Kapoor continues, “TouchSource and Screenverse deliver a compelling media network that balances the goals of the advertising community with the standards and expectations of top property owners, while giving more control of content for building owners, more content options for advertisers, and flexible contracting terms for all. “

Adam Malone, President of Screenverse, sees great synergies in the partnership.

“Screenverse is in the business of building partnerships with digital place-based and digital OOH media companies who are poised for growth and vitality for decades to come.  We love the vision of the TouchSource leadership. They do right by their stakeholders – building owners, workers, visitors – and are committed to delivering enhanced services to make workspaces safer, more efficient, and more fun.  We are honored to partner with them to help create the kind of work environments we’d all like to spend time in.

Of course, we are also attracted to the audiences being reached by the signage, and the ability to offer full-motion, bright, brilliant paid content to relevant advertisers!”

The Screenverse Office Network is “live” and is available in the Vistar SSP and direct via the Screenverse sales team. Please contact Screenverse for more information.