The OOH Insider Show | Programmatic 101 w/ Adam Malone (Part 2!) | Screenverse

The OOH Insider Show

On this episode of OOH Insider, Adam Malone, Co-Founder & President of Screenverse, shares his knowledge of programmatic digital out-of-home.

Screenverse is a specialized provider of ad management and monetization for digital screen owners. They maximize revenue through direct, programmatic, and systematic direct sales channels.

• Media owners should utilize direct sales through the existing channels and programmatic tools to sell their inventory.
• Make your inventory available during the open exchange and then read the data to see who is putting a bid.
• Use programmatic tactics to communicate and strategize with companies while they are still at the top of the funnel.
• OOH impressions can be difficult to calculate because there is no set way to measure them.
• The industry needs to work on pinpointing data for targeting, addressability, and contextual relevancy.
• In order to grow as an industry, we need to be more honest and establish goodwill with advertisers, especially during the current buying climate.