The OOH Insider Show | Maximizing Revenue w/ Adam Malone (Part 1) | Screenverse

The OOH Insider Show

On this episode of OOH Insider, Adam Malone, Co-Founder & President of Screenverse, shares his knowledge on industry disruption and building a startup.

Screenverse is a specialized provider of ad management and monetization for digital screen owners. They maximize revenue through direct, programmatic, and systematic direct sales channels.


  • Talk to the industry and ask questions before putting the time and money into developing a tool or system.
  • Is the vision for the tool or system meeting the end-user need?
  • The industry cannot be defined as one thing; it is comprised of many different personalities and stories.
  • Try testing out a few tools, based on market feedback, with the community and build from there.
  • Respect the industry. If there is an opportunity to disrupt within any industry, come in with the mindset of growth on top of the existing groundwork rather than a bug in the foundation.
  • Timing can be the make or break for startups.
  • “Everybody needs to understand what their north star is in their career and in their life.” ~Adam Malone