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Screenverse Hires Susan Jaget to lead West Coast Sales

Screenverse is pleased to announce the addition of Susan Jaget to lead west coast sales. Susan comes to us amid an impressive career developing digital advertising sales businesses within technology startups.

She has more than two decades of advertising sales experience that includes 8 years launching and building MySpace. After her tenure at MySpace, she continued working with early-stage start-ups, helping to launch sales for Mahalo, a company that was run by Jason Calacanis and a founding team including Elon Musk and Roelof Botha. Other companies she has launched West Coast sales for include BigLeadSports, Van Wagner Digital and Unruly Media.

She believes that digital OOH and programmatic digital OOH represents a new frontier and that the time is right to join Screenverse and bring this powerful media to mainstream brands and agencies. She brings a large roster of clients and relationships to Screenverse.

We couldn’t be more excited to invest in Susan and have her invest in us. The only way to evolve this business and this industry is to bring in incredibly talented people with experience building new things and establishing new markets.

To caricature the great Michael Scott:
“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do. – Steve Jobs” – Adam Malone